Shanghai Paradise Kennel was found at 2006 by Tony Qu. We are focus on pet boarding and dog training service, try our best to take care all of the pets when their owners enjoy the holiday or on business trip. 

The facility is safe and comfortable, consider of the pet's physiological and psychological need. We do have many kinds of room with garden, suit for all breed and size of the dogs. All dogs have their private room and outruns. The huge playing fields are available for over 20 dogs play together in one time. 

The founder Tony has over 10 years dog training experience, knows all the details about dog's real needs when they are separated from their owner. Our staffs are all trained by Tony, capable of taking care of pets, keep them safe, relax and feeling comfortable. 

Hope our service will also make you feeling relax and comfortable during the pet boarding with us :-)

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